Beta-Alanine Market Research: Global Status & Forecast by Geography, Type & Application (2016-2026)

Beta-alanine, often called 3-aminopropanic acid is a naturally occurring, non-essential beta amino acid formed through dihydrouracil and carnosine. Beta-alanine is industrially produced through chemical reactions of beta-propiolactone and ammonia. It is available in either powdered form or is soluble in ethanol, methanol, and water. Beta-alanine is used as a food additive for imitating beef and mushroom flavors and to enhance gravies and other foodstuffs. Beta-alanine improves athlete performance and exercising capacity and in the building of lean muscle mass. Beta-alanine has been widely recognized for its effectiveness and has been promoted by elite athletes. Beta-alanine has even garnered recognition by the International Olympic Committee in 2018. While China is the largest producer of beta-alanine, both it and India consume it in large proportions.

Focus on fitness by both geriatrics and millennials vital in beta-alanine market
An increasing geriatric population is projected to be the biggest driver of the global beta-alanine market. As one ages, there is a natural loss of muscle function and skeletal mass. Furthermore, an older person is likely to have a lower carnosine concentration when compared to youth. Beta-alanine offers a number of advantages such as delaying fatigue, boosting endurance, reducing glycation, and speeding up recovery periods from intense workouts. In recent years, there has been a marked uptick in health and fitness trends worldwide, largely driven by the millennial population. Their demand for healthy supplements should fuel the beta-alanine market. Several studies have suggested that carnosine delays cellular senescence and assists anti-aging.

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Global Beta-Alanine Market: By Types
Food-grade Beta-alanine
Pharmaceutical-grade Beta-alanine
Feed- grade Beta-alanine

Global Beta-Alanine Market: By Applications
Food Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Feed Industry

Global Beta-Alanine Market: Key Players
Yuki Gosei Kogyo
Xinfa Pharmaceutical
Wuhan Microsen Technology
Yangzhou Baosheng Bio-Chemical
Huaheng Biotech
Haolong Biotechnology
Zhangjiagang Specom Biochemical
Huachang Pharmaceutical
ShangHai HOPE Industry
Sanhuan Chem
Shandong Yangcheng Biotech

Global Beta-Alanine Market: Regions
• North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
• Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain and Benelux)
• Asia Pacific (China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia and Australia)
• Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and Colombia)
• Middle East and Africa

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Target vegans with plant-based beta-alanine alternatives
Beta-alanine naturally occurs in animal-based products and manufacturers are now creating vegan options to reel in additional customers. A study stated that vegetarians on average have less than half the carnosine in their muscle tissue when compared to meat eaters. A shifting preference towards veganism is projected to benefit the beta-alanine market. In the past two years alone, the demand for meat-free food has grown by triple digits and is on track to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Economic boom in APAC raises boat of APAC beta-alanine market
The APAC region is anticipated to demonstrate the highest growth rate in the worldwide beta-alanine market as China and India adopt a Western, urbanized lifestyle. These two countries have the largest geriatric and youth populations respectively and account for a third of the global population on their own, making them critical from a profitability perspective.

Regulatory concerns could give customers pause in beta-alanine market
However, certain factors inhibit the development of the beta-alanine market. High concentrations of beta-alanine lead to paresthesia and taurine deficiency – an uncomfortable tingling of the skin that typically affects the abdomen, chest, and face. Another concern is the relatively light regulatory touch on the supplement industry in general. With the proliferation of beta-alanine manufacturers, the ability of regulatory bodies to oversee dietary supplement manufacturing has been significantly strained. The industry has called for additional government oversight and further funding – which in itself is quite unusual. A lack of oversight can have serious consequences ranging from liver damage to even death.

A few of the companies actively involved in the beta-alanine market are Anhui Huaheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Haolong Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Shanghai Hope Industry Co., Ltd., Wuhan Microsen Technology Co., Yuki Gosei Kogyo Co., Ltd., and Zhangjiagang Specom Biochemical Co., Natural Alternatives International, Inc., Shandong Yangcheng Biotech Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Baosheng Bio-Chemical Co. Ltd., and Xinfa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. It is quite challenging for new entrants to break into the beta-alanine market as it requires substantial investments in both technology and downstream channels, making it unwise for companies with limited cash-flows.

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