The Global Stretch Blow Molding Machines Market Is Predicted To Hold A Market Value Of US$ 984 Mn By 2027

Witnessing a sluggish Y-o-Y growth of 3.1% through 2022, the global stretch blow molding machines market, is expected to reach a valuation of nearly US$ 845.9 Million through the same period. In a new research outlook on global stretch blow molding machines landscape, Future Market Insights (FMI) projects near moderate growth prospects for stretch blow molding machines market through the forecast period of 2022-2027.

Quality Bottles Top the Demand Charts; Manufacturers Race to Provide Improved Precision and Accuracy

FMI foresees increasing demand for PET packaging over its glass counterparts as the key growth driver of stretch blow molding machines. In lieu with such demand, manufacturers are developing energy and cost-efficient of stretch blow molding machines—with an aim to produce quality bottle. Stretch blow molding machine makers are expected to cater to such demand with technologies that result in greater precision and speed. Established manufacturers of stretch blow molding machines are focusing on increased investment and innovation, translating into new products and next-gen models, having large number of blowing cavities and feed lines further.

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“An example of this trend is W. Amsler Equipment Inc.’s new version of its four-cavity stretch blow molding machine that boasts of four parallel heating ovens apart from 12 Bosch-Rexroth servo motors. The heating ovens provides more precise adjustments versus a single continuous oven. The extra number of servos that went from being 3 in number to 12 in the present model, are expected to improve repeatability and also reduce energy consumption—manufacturing a variety of containers ranging up to 5 liters in capacity and 70 mm to neck size”, explains a senior analyst from the Packaging domain.

On the other hand, Bekum America Corp. offers a high speed bottle maker that lets manufacturers change molds every 15 minutes without tools, further enabling cost-efficient production of small bottles, specifically used in personal care products. Its electric version is anticipated to produce at least 3-layered HDPE-made personal care bottles.

Energy-Efficient Electric variants of Stretch Blow Molding Machines Reigning

Kautex Machines, has expanded its range of electric machines to meet the growing demand for stretch blow molding machines, globally. Pet All Manufacturing displayed its all-electric variant at NPE2018. The all-electric unit is a four-station rotary machine and has the capacity handling up to 10 cavities for containers ranging from 10 to 100ml.

“The global stretch blow molding machines market analysis by FMI offers deeper insights on how superior technological advancements will transform the stretch blow molding machines landscape, resulting in machines that offer higher output, easy changeovers, increased flexibility, and adaptability to complex bottle designs”, the analyst elaborates further.

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Major Paradigm Shift towards Bio-Based Materials and Flexible Packaging Formats Anticipated to Slow Down Shipment Rate

Considering that the packaging industry has upped its design-level innovations, manufacturers of carbonated and non-carbonated beverage brands have begun selling their products in alternative packaging formats such as cans and liquid cartons, thereby, limiting the demand for stretch blow molding machines.

Moreover, bio-based materials, given their superior recyclability feature, have found significant adoption in the overall packaging landscape. Manufacturers are more incline towards sustainable raw materials for their packaging solutions, restraining the scope of certain variants of stretch blow molding machine including PET Stretch Blow Molding machines. In addition, regulatory changes pertaining to the use of plastics in packaging could further hamper the sales growth of stretch blow molding machines, globally.

Japan Showcases Intense Competition between Stretch Blow Molding Machines Manufactures

  • North America- The competition in North American stretch blow molding machines market is projected to represent moderate competitiveness.
  • Latin America- Low to moderate intensity of competition is anticipated between manufacturers of stretch blow molding machines
  • APEJ represents a low to moderate competition considering the presence of large number of stretch blow molding machines manufacturers in the region, offering an expansive product range.
  • Eastern Europe is likely to witness moderate competition among manufactures owing to the varied product launches in the region coupled with a wide range of stretch blow molding machines applications.
  • Japan, on the other hand, is anticipated to witness high competition among manufacturers of stretch blow molding machines. However, the competitive intensity could be reduced through more material innovations in bottles and machines.
  • Intensity of competition in Western Europe remains moderate as more and more manufacturers show promising inclination towards sustainability.
  • Lesser number of manufacturers in MEA, make for a moderate competition level in the region.

Key manufacturers in the packaging landscape, are likely to develop advanced versions of their existing offerings- to cater to the keep a check on the cost-output ratio. For a closer look at the global stretch blow molding machines landscape, write to the team of expert market research analysts at [email protected]

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