The Massage Chairs Market to be subject to digital advancements

A massage is working on the body with a certain amount of pressure, tension, vibration or motion which can be done with mechanical aids or manually. It can be with the fingers, hands, forearm, elbows, knees, and feet or with a custom massage device. It is primarily to promote relaxation, well-being or can even be helpful in treating sports injuries or other issues like postural misalignment and other such painful problems. With the fast paced, modern hectic lifestyle we all lead today, there has to be some time to relax, unwind and get away from it all. A massage is one of the best, if not the best way to do this. It provides stress & anxiety relief, along with lowering blood pressure. One can receive a massage from a professional masseuse at a spa or even hire a personal massage therapist. Unfortunately, not everyone has either the time or money to indulge in regular sessions at the spa. Such individuals pressed for time would be well-advised to look at the Massage Chairs Market.

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A massage chair, as the name suggests, is a chair specifically designed for that purpose. The two main types available in the Massage Chairs Market are traditional chairs or robotic chairs. While traditional massage chairs allow easy access to various body parts like the head, shoulders or back of a person undergoing a massage, robotic massage chairs use motors and electronic vibrators to serve the same purpose. Traditional massage chairs are ergonomically designed, portable, and focus on the head, shoulders, neck, arms, hands and back. Therapists are able to provide an on-site massage in any environment because the chairs are extremely portable. They also do not require their clients to disrobe. Thus, traditional massage chairs are relevant in business offices, trade shows, conferences, employee events, and other corporate locations.

Robotic massage chairs contain internal electronic gears to massage their occupant. Most robotic chairs have a controller to vary the location, type or level of massage intensity. Robotic massage chairs were invented in Japan before the Second World War. These chairs bear a strong resemblance to recliners and there are a variety of types and brands. Some are office-style chairs that use internal batteries while a slightly cheaper option is a massaging pad that is purchased separately to use with an existing chair. The robotic massage chair market has tremendous variety in terms of price, style and massage intensity, ranging from affordable ‘vibrate only’ models to the full-fledged Shiatsu models.

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Massage Chairs Market Drivers

According to the World Health Organization, stress will be the second leading cause of disabilities by the year 2020. This will cause not only major strain on healthcare providers but also on global economies because of reduced productivity, workplace accidents and lost work days. To avoid this, an increasing number of individuals are looking very closely at the massage chairs market. This includes people from the Silent Generation all the way down to millennials. Massage therapy is being increasingly looked at along with acupressure, acupuncture, physiotherapy and aromatherapy as a physical and mental stress-buster.

The second critical driver of the Massage Chairs Market is the rising preference for personal care. A large number of people have begun to opt for personalised massage chairs over spa visits or massage therapies to receive greater individual attention. This is compounded with a desire for privacy in the comfort of their own homes. A rise in personal disposable incomes, new products launches with innovative designs, and the proliferation of e-commerce networks and improved Internet connectivity should all boost the Massage Chairs Market. 

Massage Chairs Market Key Regions

Japan is the largest Massage Chairs Market at present since it is the country that largely invented the concept, particularly robotic massage chairs. They were first brought to market in 1954 by the Family Fujiryoki Company. It is still home to a large number of massage chair manufacturers with global operations. Regions which companies would do well to focus on for future growth are populous China and India, along with North America and Western Europe. 

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