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Baby Nipples Teats Market 2022

Baby nipples/ teats are basically latex or silicon made tool which makes baby’s feeding experience enjoyable. Baby nipples/teats simulate mother’s nipple and are useful for the babies who are recently shifted to bottle feeding from breastfeeding by their mothers. Baby nipples/teats allow babies to maintain their natural feeding behaviour and to prevent nipple preference or confusion. The shifting of a baby from breastfeeding to bottle feeding is made either by choice or out of necessity, however, baby nipples/teats provide a slow flow of milk or do not alter baby’s behaviour while drinking the milk from a bottle.

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Baby Nipples/Teats Market: Various Types

At present, there are numerous varieties of nipples/teats available in the market. According to the requirement of babies, manufacturers are taking constant efforts to come up with various types of nipples/teats. The most basic version of nipples/teats and has been available in the market since many years is traditional nipples/teats. These bell-shaped nipples/teats allow the slow flow of milk and can fit well on any standard milk bottle for babies. Naturally shaped nipples are another type of baby nipples/teats which resembles mother’s nipple. They are softer and flexible and are perfect for the babies who are recently shifted from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. Some babies have poor sucking mechanism. They gulp air along with milk which can cause problems like gas, colic and constant irritability in babies. However, anti-vacuum or vented nipples prevent this problem of indigestion in babies by providing a nipple/teat with a small opening to avoid the entry of air during bottle-feeding. Orthodontic nipples are for those babies who have delicate gums and are just entered into teething phase. There is one different type of baby nipples/teats which is created considering the need of cleft palate babies who find it difficult to suck the milk from a bottle. These special nipples/teats control the flow of milk.

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Baby Nipples/Teats Market: Advantages and disadvantages

One of the common advantages of using baby nipple/teats for feeding is, it is the most convenient and easy way of feeding through it. The mothers do not have to go through the motions of breastfeeding which is a time-consuming process. The other advantage of feeding the baby through baby nipple/teats is anyone can feed the baby and mother gets some spare time. Not only a father but even elder siblings can feed the baby by using baby nipples/ teats. Breastfeeding in public can be inconvenient. However, by using baby nipples/teats mothers can feed their baby through the bottle without exposing themselves. Mothers can monitor on how much milk the baby is drinking from bottle feeding through baby nipples/teats. With plentiful of advantages, there are some disadvantages which are also associated with baby nipple/teats. For instance, it interferes with bonding between mother and baby. Breastfeeding not only creates an emotional bond between mothers and babies but also gives the feeling of safety and security to the child. There is no such provision with feeding through artificial nipples/teats. The cost of baby nipples/teats, bottle and their cleaning equipment are rising day-by-day. The formula is also very expensive and it creates indigestion issues in babies.

Baby Nipples/Teats Market: Drivers and restraints

Rising number of working mothers and their hectic work schedule do not permit them to continue the breastfeeding for a long time. A lot of working mothers, therefore, opting for bottle feeding, which is automatically fuelling the growth of the global baby nipples/teats market. Mother’s diet can certainly affect the quality and quantity of breast milk. Due to the shift in eating habits, increased amount of fast food intake has disrupted breastfeeding, which is creating a positive impact on the global baby nipples/teats market. Moreover, manufacturers are also coming with a variety of nipples/teats according to the need of the baby, that creates robust development in the overall baby nipples/teats market. However, there are some restraints which are associated with the baby nipples/teats market that is hindering the growth of the overall market across the globe. The increasing awareness about the breastfeeding among women is the major factor which is hampering the growth of baby nipples/teats market. The material used for manufacturing baby nipples/teats are not completely safe and therefore its long use is still questionable. All these factors are creating obstacles in the growth of global baby nipple/teats market.

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