Feed Plant-based Protein Market SWOT Analysis of Top Key Player Forecasts to 2031

Feed vegetable protein is a type of protein derived from plants. This type of protein is commonly found in soybeans, peas, and other legumes. Plant-based protein foods are free of animal products, making them a popular choice for vegetarians or those looking for vegan options. This type of protein is often cheaper than animal protein.

key trends

The main trends in feed plant-based protein technology are the use of alternative protein sources, the use of enzymes to improve protein digestibility, and the use of new processing technologies to improve protein quality.

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The use of alternative protein sources, such as soybean, pea and canola flour, is a trend driven by the need to reduce reliance on increasingly expensive animal protein.

The use of enzymes to improve protein digestibility is another trend driven by the need to improve protein utilization efficiency in animals.

The use of new processing technologies to improve protein quality is a trend driven by the need to improve the nutritional value of plant proteins.

main driver

Growing demand for plant-based meat substitutes is driving the market for feed plant-based protein. The major drivers for this market are increasing health consciousness among consumers and growing awareness of the environmental impact of meat production.

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market segment

The feed plant-based protein market is segmented by source, livestock, type, and region. By source, the market is divided into soybean, wheat, pea and sunflower. On the basis of livestock, it is classified as pets, pigs, ruminants, poultry, and aquatic animals. Depending on the type, it is divided into concentrate and isolate. By region, the market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World.

major players

The feed plant-based protein market includes players such as DuPont, Kerry Group, Ingredion, Emsland Group, AGRANA, Avebe, Kroner, Batory Foods, Roquette Frères, and AGT Foods.

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