Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Technology Market 2023 Overview by Recent Opportunities, Growth, Size, Regional Analysis and Forecasts to 2028 | Top Key Players Covers: Iljin Hysolus, Iwatani, The Japan Steel Works, Chart Industries, Toyota And Others

Report Overview:

Hydrogen has been recognized as a promising alternative fuel that can help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and mitigate climate change. However, one of the challenges in the widespread adoption of hydrogen as a fuel is the development of safe, efficient, and cost-effective hydrogen storage and distribution technologies.

There are several methods for storing hydrogen, including compressed gas storage, liquid hydrogen storage, and solid-state storage. Compressed gas storage involves compressing hydrogen to high pressures of up to 700 bar and storing it in tanks made of high-strength materials such as carbon fiber. Liquid hydrogen storage involves cooling hydrogen to very low temperatures of around -253°C, where it becomes a liquid and can be stored in insulated tanks. Solid-state storage involves adsorbing or absorbing hydrogen onto materials such as metal hydrides, carbon nanotubes, and porous materials.

What is the growth of Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Technology Market?

The Global Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Technology Market Size was estimated at USD 1170.59 million in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 4501.16 million by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 21.22% during the forecast period.

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Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Technology Market – Competitive Analysis:

Who are the Leading Key Players Operating In this Market?

Prominent Companies to Establish Various Corporate Strategies to Aid in Global Expansion. These players are focusing on strategic collaborations and partnerships to expand their market presence and strengthen their product portfolio.

Key Company

  • Iljin Hysolus
  • Iwatani
  • The Japan Steel Works
  • Chart Industries
  • Toyota
  • Gardner Cryogenics
  • Faurecia
  • Hexagon Composites
  • CLD
  • Faber Industrie
  • Jiangsu Guofu Hydrogen Energy Equipment
  • Kawasaki
  • Whole Win (Beijing) Materials Sci. and Tech
  • Hydrogenious Technologies
  • Chiyoda Corporation
  • Hynertech Co Ltd

Hydrogen distribution can be done through pipelines, compressed gas cylinders, or tanker trucks. Pipelines are the most efficient method of distribution, but they require a dedicated infrastructure that can be expensive to build. Compressed gas cylinders are portable and can be used for small-scale applications such as fueling forklifts or backup power generators. Tanker trucks are used for transporting large quantities of hydrogen over long distances.

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The report focuses on studying the Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Technology market on the basis of segments by manufacturers, by type, by application, by region and country. It also offers information about market size (value, volume, sales and revenue) and CAGR for the historical period (2017-2020) and forecast period (2022-2028), considering 2021 as the base year.

Market Segmentation (by Type)

  • Compressed Gas
  • Cold Compressed Liquid Hydrogen
  • Solid Compound Hydrogen Storage and Distribution
  • Organic Liquid Hydrogen Storage and Distribution

Market Segmentation (by Application)

  • New Energy Automobile
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • Others

Several research and development efforts are ongoing to improve hydrogen storage and distribution technologies. For example, researchers are exploring new materials for solid-state storage that can store more hydrogen at lower pressures and temperatures. They are also investigating the use of hydrogen carriers, such as ammonia, which can be more easily transported and stored than hydrogen.

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Which region is dominating the Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Technology market growth?

North America: The United States and Canada are expected to be major players in the hydrogen storage and distribution technology market, with the US government investing in research and development and offering tax incentives to companies developing hydrogen technologies.

Why Purchase the Report?

-The report includes information such as market dynamics scenario, opportunities and challenges during the forecast period

-Identify the key regulations prevailing in the market and understand their impact on the market over the forecast period

-Regional, sub-regional, and country-level data include the demand and supply forces along with their influence on the market.

-The competitive landscape comprises a share of key players, offering products, relevant financial information, recent developments, SWOT analysis, and strategies.

-Understand the current market scenario and viability of the global market over the forecast period.

Some of the key questions answered in this report:

-What are sales, revenue, and price analysis of top manufacturers of the market?

-What would be the upcoming Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Technology market behavior forecast with trends, challenges, and drivers for development?

-Which product and application will take a share of the Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Technology market?

-What will happen in the coming existing and emerging markets?

-What will be the CAGR and size of the Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Technology market throughout the forecast period?

In conclusion, hydrogen storage and distribution technologies are essential for the widespread adoption of hydrogen as a fuel. There are several methods for storing and distributing hydrogen, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Ongoing research and development efforts are aimed at improving these technologies to make them safer, more efficient, and cost-effective.

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Chapter 1: Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Technology Market Overview

Chapter 2:  Market Competition by Manufacturers

Chapter 3: Production Capacity by Region

Chapter 4: Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Technology Consumption by Region

Chapter 5: Segment by Type

Chapter 6: Segment by Application

Chapter 7: Key Companies Profiled

Chapter 8: Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Technology Manufacturing Cost Analysis

Chapter 9: Marketing Channel, Distributors and Customers

Chapter 10: Market Dyanamics

Chapter 11: Production and Supply Forecast

Chapter 12: Consumption and Demand Forecast

Chapter 13: Forecast by Type and by Application (2023-2028)

Chapter 14: Research Finding and Conclusion

Chapter 15: Methodology and Data Source

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