Infertility Treatment Market is expected to witness Incredible Growth Forecast 2021-2031 – The Cooper Companies Inc. , Cook Group

The global infertility treatment market was valued at USD 1.6 billion in 2021 and it is anticipated to grow further up to USD 3.6 billion by 2031, at a CAGR of 8.4% during the forecast period.

The inability of a person to reproduce naturally is known as infertility. There are several causes of infertility. The few causes include the aging of the mother, ovulatory problems, tubal obstruction or blockage, sex-transmitted diseases, immunological infertility, genetics, and infertility brought on by male factors. One way to treat infertility is to raise awareness. Other alternatives include IVF (in vitro fertilization), insemination, and drugs that help the body develop during the ovulation phase. The fertility procedure in which the body processes the sperm and eggs out of the body is referred to as assisted reproductive technology (ART). In an ART operation, a woman’s ovaries are surgically removed, her eggs are fused with sperm in a lab, and either she returns the eggs to her body or donates them to another woman. With the aid of many diagnostic techniques, including ultrasound, physical examination, and evaluating sperm count & quality, among others, infertility can be identified in both men and women.

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Market Trends and Drivers

Due to a variety of circumstances, including the rising trend of late marriages and the rise in age-related infertility, the fertility rate globally is progressively dropping. By 2030, it is predicted that there will be 2.4 offspring for every woman worldwide, and by 2050, there will be 2.2. The need for infertility treatment items that identify the reproductive window in males and females has significantly increased as a result of the dropping fertility rate.

Similarly, players in the infertility treatment market can expect to find considerable growth possibilities in emerging markets like China, India, Brazil, and Mexico. The increased emphasis on healthcare infrastructure upgrades is what distinguishes the market for infertility treatments in Asia and other emerging nations. The medical tourism sector is also flourishing in developing nations for a variety of reasons. Numerous doctors and surgeons throughout Asia have received their training at prestigious institutions in the US and Europe, and healthcare facilities and procedures are of a high standard. Emerging nations like India, China, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, and Malaysia offer a lot of potential for the expansion of the market for infertility treatments. Players are increasingly focusing on strategic agreements/partnerships with regional/domestic players, geographical expansions, and acquisitions to increase their presence in these markets and tap a large number of customers in order to take advantage of the significant growth opportunities in emerging countries. Additionally, government measures to make infertility treatments more accessible as well as the rise in fertility clinics are causing an increase in infertility treatment procedures in developing nations.

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Global Infertility Treatment Market Segmentation

By Product

  • Equipment
  • Media & Consumables
  • Accessories

By Procedure

  • Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Fertility Surgeries
  • Others

By Patient Type

  • Female
  • Male

By End User

  • Fertility Centers
  • Hospitals & Surgical Clinic
  • Cryobanks
  • Research Institutes

Major Players in the Global Infertility Treatment Market

The key players studied in the report are The Cooper Companies Inc. (US), Cook Group (US), Vitrolife (Sweden), Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (US), Esco Micro Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), Genea Biomedx (Australia), IVFtech ApS (Denmark), FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific (US), The Baker Company, Inc. (US), Kitazato Corporation (Japan), Rocket Medical plc (UK), IHMedical A/S (Denmark), Hamilton Thorne Ltd. (US), ZEISS Group (Germany), and MedGyn Products, Inc. (US) among others.

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