BBQ Grills Sales Market Competitive Research And Precise Outlook 2023 To 2030

The global BBQ Grills market size was valued at USD 4.59 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8% from 2023 to 2030.

Market Overview

The research firm Contrive Datum Insights has just recently added to its database a report with the heading global BBQ Grills Sales Market .Both primary and secondary research methodologies have been utilised in order to conduct an analysis of the worldwide BBQ Grills Sales Market . In order to provide a comprehensive comprehension of the topic at hand, it has been summed up using appropriate and accurate market insights. According to Contrive Datum Insights, this worldwide comprehensive report is broken up into several categories in order to present the data in a way that is understandable, succinct, and presented in a professional manner.Young people’s lifestyles and eating habits are changing, and outdoor parties and social gatherings are becoming more popular. This has led to a rise in the demand for low and slow-cooked barbeques like brisket, pork shoulder, and pork ribs. This is something that is expected to help the industry grow in the coming years. The pandemic didn’t have a big effect on the BBQ grill like it did on all the other products. People started cooking at home more because restaurants were closed or hard to get into, and lockdowns were ordered by governments all over the world. Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Association (HPBA) consumer research from November 2021 says that 38% of all grill owners bought a new grill in the last two years. 27% of the people who bought in 2020 did so because they cooked at home more because of the pandemic. As people’s tastes and preferences change, restaurants try to come up with new and interesting dishes. Before, most restaurants only served grilled chicken, seafood, and vegetables. Now, however, they also serve grilled beetroot and sweet potato, as well as those items that were previously only eaten boiled. Mintel International’s Menu Insights (MMI), which is based in Chicago, says that barbeque is becoming very popular in hotels and restaurants, with the number of barbeque menu items rising 11% from the fourth quarter of 2016 to the fourth quarter of 2021.

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Segment Analysis

It encompasses the most important key players in the world’s various regions and contains them. In this research report, several different techniques that high-level industries have utilised to achieve their goals are discussed. In order to obtain a more in-depth analysis of a number of different businesses, player profiles of the most important top players have been developed. It is beneficial to have an understanding of the worldwide competition on both the domestic and international platforms.
It provides a detailed description of the drivers and opportunities in the BBQ Grills Sales Market , which assists current customers and potential customers in gaining a clear vision and making decisions that are most effective for them. In order to discover the desired facts regarding the target market, various types of analysis models, such as BBQ Grills Sales Market , are utilised. In addition to this, it includes a variety of different techniques for strategic planning, which encourages the way to define and develop the framework of the various industries. The market for BBQ charcoal is split up by type, end user, and region. The market is divided into lump charcoal and charcoal briquettes based on what kind of charcoal it is. It is divided into two groups based on who will use it: households and businesses. Based on type, the charcoal briquettes segment has the largest share of the BBQ charcoal market and is expected to continue to do so throughout the BBQ charcoal market forecast. This is because it burns evenly and doesn’t release any fly ash. By end use, the commercial segment has the largest share of the market. In 2021, more than 60% of the world market was made up of this segment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, more and more people are cooking at home. This trend is expected to continue in the market, which is why the households segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR. Most of the rise in demand for BBQ charcoal is due to its use in businesses. The demand for BBQ charcoal is likely to rise because more people are going out, having parties, and celebrating.

Based on types, the BBQ Grills Sales Market is segmented into:

  • Gas Grills
  • Charcoal Grills
  • Electric Grills

Based on application, the BBQ Grills Sales Market is segmented into:

  • Commercial
  • Residential

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Recent Development

Weber-Stephan, a US company that makes electric, charcoal, and gas grills, started making outdoor grills in Zabrze, Upper Silesia, in October 2021. (Poland). This company hopes to save a lot of time and money with its European hub and meet most of Europe’s needs from this plant in the next few years.
Kenyon International, Inc., a company that makes specialty electric grills and cooktops, announced the release of its newest product, the G2 Grill, in November 2021. The G2 Grill has the same sleek design as Kenyon International, Inc.’s other portable grills, but it has 35 percent more cooking space.

Regional Analysis

In 2021, North America had 57.4% of the sales market for barbecues around the world. When people in places like the U.S., Canada, and Mexico celebrate a holiday, the main part of the celebration is often eating a lot of delicious food. A big part of their culture is eating barbequed gill food, and they often have cookouts on holidays and other special occasions. Asia and the Pacific is still a small market for barbecue grills, but it is growing. During the time frame of the forecast, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8%. The market is growing because more people are eating street food and more people are buying barbecue grills in places like India, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, China, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan. Some of the most popular grilled barbeque dishes in Asia, including Southeast Asia, are Shaokao, Chuanr, Char-siu, Yakitori, Mongolian barbeque, Satay, and Filo. The global BBQ Grills market has been looked at in different parts of the world, like North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and India. In the near future, this market will be dominated by the global region.

Regional BBQ Grills Sales Market coverage (Regional Status, Demand Forecast, Country Trends, etc.):

  • North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India.
  • North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico).
  • Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and, Italy).
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and, Southeast Asia).

    Key segments covered in the BBQ Grills Sales Market include:

  • BBQ Grills Sales Market Growth Drivers and Barriers.
  • Market Trends, Market Opportunities, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis.
  • Market Overview, Industry Development, Market Maturity, Value Chain Analysis.
  • Regional and Country Level Analysis.
  • Trends and Forecasts for Market Segments.
  • Market Analysis and Various Recommendations.
  • Key market forces.

    Report Customization:

    This report will be customized to your needs for additional data up to 5 companies or 5 countries or nearly 40 analyst hours.

    Key Market Participants in the BBQ Grills Sales Market :

    Weber-Stephen Products LLC (HK) Ltd, Coleman, George Foreman, Middleby, Masterbuilt Grills, Char-Broil, Kenmore, Traeger, Landmann, Napoleon, KitchenAid, Onward Manufacturing Company, Broilmaster, Subzero Wolf, Fire Magic, Bull, Kaoweijia, E-Rover, Char-Griller, Dyna-Glo, Yongkang, Blackstone, MHP, BRS, and others.


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