Plastic Injection Molding Machine Market Competitive Research And Precise Outlook 2023 To 2030

The global Plastic Injection Molding Machine market size is expected to be valued at USD 8.37 billion in 2022, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.9% during the forecat perod 2023 to 2030.

Market Overview

The research firm Contrive Datum Insights has just recently added to its database a report with the heading global Plastic Injection Molding Machine Market .Both primary and secondary research methodologies have been utilised in order to conduct an analysis of the worldwide Plastic Injection Molding Machine Market . In order to provide a comprehensive comprehension of the topic at hand, it has been summed up using appropriate and accurate market insights. According to Contrive Datum Insights, this worldwide comprehensive report is broken up into several categories in order to present the data in a way that is understandable, succinct, and presented in a professional manner. Plastic injection molding is a process that is done with a machine called an injection molding machine. This method is used to make a lot of injection-molded plastic parts at the same time. In this report, we looked at different kinds of machines that use injection molding to shape plastic. Plastic injection molding machines are used to make things like the housings for power tools, phone handsets, electrical switches, car bumpers, disposable razors, closers, and dashboards. Injection molding machines are used in the medical, automotive, consumer electronics, and consumer electronics industries, among others. All over the world, people are learning more about how to save energy. All-electric injection molding machines are becoming more popular because of this. Plastic injection molding machines that are all-electric are the ones that are used more and more. The main reasons for this are that it saves energy, is more precise and can be used more than once, is easy to maintain and clean without oil, and is fast. Estimates and forecasts of the Plastic Injection Molding Machine market size are given in terms of sales volume (K units) and revenue (million USD), with data from 2017 to 2030, with 2022 as the base year. This report goes into detail about the different parts of the global Plastic Injection Molding Machine market. Regional market sizes are also given for each product type, each application, and each player. When figuring out how big the market was, we took COVID-19 and other global crises into account.

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Segment Analysis

It encompasses the most important key players in the world’s various regions and contains them. In this research report, several different techniques that high-level industries have utilised to achieve their goals are discussed. In order to obtain a more in-depth analysis of a number of different businesses, player profiles of the most important top players have been developed. It is beneficial to have an understanding of the worldwide competition on both the domestic and international platforms.
It provides a detailed description of the drivers and opportunities in the Plastic Injection Molding Machine Market , which assists current customers and potential customers in gaining a clear vision and making decisions that are most effective for them. In order to discover the desired facts regarding the target market, various types of analysis models, such as Plastic Injection Molding Machine Market , are utilised. In addition to this, it includes a variety of different techniques for strategic planning, which encourages the way to define and develop the framework of the various industries. Injection molding machines can use plastic, metal, ceramic, and other raw materials to make different kinds of products. Products made out of plastic are usually strong, light, flexible, and reliable. Plastic products are used in almost every industry in many different ways. In the automotive, material handling, and packaging industries, the need for plastic products has grown. The market is split into electric, hydraulic, and hybrid machines based on the type of machine. In 2019, electric machines had the biggest market share and are expected to grow at a moderate CAGR. This growth is due to the use of safe, easy-to-use machines that can make things quickly. The clamping force segment is split into three sub-segments: 0–200 ton force, 201–500 ton force, and above 500 ton force. The 201–500 ton force subsegment is expected to grow faster than the other subsegments, but the 0–200 ton force subsegment is expected to have the largest market share. The end-use industry segment is divided into packaging, automotive, electronics and telecommunications, healthcare, infrastructure, and others. The packaging industry is expected to grow faster than the others because more plastic, metal, and other boxes are being used to ship things around the world.

Based on types, the Plastic Injection Molding Machine Market is segmented into:

  • Electric Type
  • Hydraulic Type
  • Hybrid Type

Based on application, the Plastic Injection Molding Machine Market is segmented into:

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electronics & Telecom

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Recent Development

In June 2022, ENGEL made a deal with the ALPA Group, Brink, and IPB printing to work together. With the new ENGEL e-speed injection molding machine with a powerful injection unit, it should be possible to process recycled materials (rPET).
In June 2022, ENGEL grew by setting up its own sales and service subsidiary in Morocco. The subsidiary was run by the Austrian company that made injection molding machines and provided system solutions.
In March 2022, Che Hsong Holdings Ltd. and YD Group Co., Ltd., which makes electric cars in Chiers, signed an agreement to work together. It has bought a lot of equipment for injection molding machines from the company.

Regional Analysis

Geographically, the global Plastic Injection Molding Machine market has been looked at in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). “”Over the next few years, APAC is expected to be the largest market for plastic injection molding machines in terms of both value and volume.”” APAC is made up of big economies that are still growing, like China and India. Because of this, most industrial developments in this area are big. The market for plastic injection molding machines is growing quickly, which is good for a wide range of manufacturers. About 61.0% of the world’s people live in the APAC region, which has a manufacturing and processing sector that is growing quickly. APAC is the biggest market for plastic injection molding machines, and China is expected to grow a lot in this key market. This market is mostly driven by the fact that people in APAC’s emerging economies have more money to spend and their living standards are getting better. “”During the next few years, it is expected that Europe will be the second largest market for plastic injection molding machines.””
Europe is the second biggest market for plastic injection molding machines around the world. As the European market gets older, we expect it to grow at a slower rate over the next five years. Europe has always been a big market for plastic injection molding machines because the automotive industry there is so well developed. The high demand for plastic molds for electric cars is making this market grow even more. Demand for plastic injection molding machines has been strong in big countries like Germany and Italy, and this is likely to keep up in the near future.

Regional Plastic Injection Molding Machine Market coverage (Regional Status, Demand Forecast, Country Trends, etc.):

  • North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India.
  • North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico).
  • Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and, Italy).
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and, Southeast Asia).

    Key segments covered in the Plastic Injection Molding Machine Market include:

  • Plastic Injection Molding Machine Market Growth Drivers and Barriers.
  • Market Trends, Market Opportunities, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis.
  • Market Overview, Industry Development, Market Maturity, Value Chain Analysis.
  • Regional and Country Level Analysis.
  • Trends and Forecasts for Market Segments.
  • Market Analysis and Various Recommendations.
  • Key market forces.

    Report Customization:

    This report will be customized to your needs for additional data up to 5 companies or 5 countries or nearly 40 analyst hours.

    Key Market Participants in the Plastic Injection Molding Machine Market :

    Arburg GmbH & Co. KG, Boco Pardubice Machines S.R.O., Borche North America Inc., Chen Hsong Holdings Limited, Dongshin Hydraulic Co. Ltd., Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG, Engel Austria GmbH, Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd., Haitian International Holdings Limited and Hillenbrabd, Inc, and others.


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