Cyber Security for Oil & Gas Market, Analysis, Share & Forecast 2030, Analysis, Share & Forecast 2030

A Complete Guide of Cyber Security for Oil & Gas MarketΒ [PDF Guide]

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  • Cyber-attacks, such as insider misuse, web application attacks, and physical risk/loss of property, have affected the oil and gas industry. Therefore, several companies are implementing effective cybersecurity solutions to combat them.
  • An increase in the expenditure by oil and gas companies on network and operational technology security and an increased trend of security and vulnerability management have bolstered the growth of the oil and gas security market. Moreover, the growing trend of bringing your device (BYOD) into the industry poses further challenges for the security infrastructure.
  • The rising energy demand and depletion of energy resources in recent years have put pressure on companies and governments to develop plans for oil and gas security system measures.
  • Adopting new technology has significantly improved efficiency and brought concerns for securing these critical infrastructures essential for building a nation. The pipeline networks of the oil and gas industry extend to a vast area, and it is not economically viable in the current competitive market to use human resources to safeguard it. It has driven the economic surveillance system’s demand and created opportunities for the players. Additionally, the products and machinery components installed within the core industry must adhere to flame and explosion-proof standards.
  • Securing the resources is a paramount necessity through the totality of the product lifecycle, i.e., from the exploration, upstream, and downstream processes to the final product marketing. It is essential as they are dangerous to handle and prone to fire and other accidents. Web-based mobile surveillance units in such scenarios enable remote surveillance from a centralized or designated location and help streamline security. Aging infrastructure pushes the need for leadership for safety reasons.

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Cyber Security for Oil & Gas Market size in 2022 was 2973 million USD, and it is expected to reach 3634 million USD by 2030, with a CAGR of 4.1% over the forecast period.

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Honeywell International
Intel Security
Symantec Corporation
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
Cisco Systems
Microsoft Corporation
Siemens AG
BMC Software
CA Technologies
Dell Inc.
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Waterfall Security Solutions
Rapid7, Inc.
Fireeye, Inc.
Trend Micro, Inc.
Sophos Ltd.