Craft Beer Market is expected to witness incredible growth during 2021-2031 | Carlsberg Group, Diageo PLC, Heineken N.V

Craft beer is a beer that is made by a small, independent brewery. These breweries are often family-owned and operated, and use traditional brewing methods. The term craft beer is used to differentiate these beers from mass-produced beers, which are typically made by large, multinational breweries.

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Craft breweries often use unique ingredients and brewing techniques to create beers with distinct flavors and aromas. Many craft breweries also focus on creating a community around their beer, through events, tastings, and tours.

The craft beer movement started in the United States in the 1970s, when homebrewers began experimenting with making their own beer. The movement has since spread to other countries, including Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The number of craft breweries has exploded in recent years, as more people have become interested in trying new and interesting beers. In the United States, there were over 7,000 craft breweries in 2018. This number is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Key Trends

The key trends in Craft Beer technology are:

  1. Increased Efficiency: Craft beer brewers are always looking for ways to increase efficiency in their brewing process. This includes everything from using more efficient brewing equipment to using new technology to automate parts of the brewing process.
  2. Improved Quality: As craft beer becomes more popular, brewers are under pressure to produce high-quality products. This has led to an increased focus on quality control, using technology to monitor every aspect of the brewing process and ensure consistency.
  3. Greater Sustainability: Sustainability is important to many craft beer drinkers, and brewers are responding by looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. This includes using more environmentally friendly brewing methods and ingredients, as well as investing in renewable energy sources.
  4. New Styles: As the craft beer market continues to grow, brewers are constantly experimenting with new styles and flavor profiles. This has led to the development of many new and unique craft beer styles that are becoming increasingly popular with drinkers.

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Key Drivers

The key drivers of the craft beer market are the following:

  1. Increasing demand for craft beer: There is a growing demand for craft beer globally, as consumers become more aware of the various styles and flavor profiles that are available. This has led to an increase in the number of craft breweries, as well as the expansion of existing ones.
  2. Innovation: Craft breweries are constantly innovating in terms of both the styles of beer they produce and the way in which they are produced. This has led to a more diverse and interesting range of craft beers being available, which has in turn helped to drive the growth of the market.
  3. Growing popularity of home brewing: The popularity of home brewing has also contributed to the growth of the craft beer market. This is because many people who start out brewing beer at home eventually move on to brewing commercially.
  4. Increasing tourism: Craft beer tourism is a growing phenomenon, with more and more people visiting breweries and beer festivals around the world. This is helping to raise the profile of craft beer and increase its popularity.

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Restraints & Challenges

The key restraints and challenges in Craft Beer market are the following:

  1. The high cost of craft beer compared to mass-produced beer.
  2. The limited distribution of craft beer.
  3. The small size of most craft breweries, which limits their production capacity.
  4. The lack of standardization in the craft beer industry, which makes it difficult for consumers to compare products and make informed choices.

Market Segments

The Craft Beer Market is segmented on the basis of product type, distribution channel, age group, and region. By product type, it is divided into ale and lager. According to distribution channel, it is bifurcated into on-trade and off-trade. As per age group, it is divided into 21–35 years old, 40–54 years old, and above 55 years old. Region-wise, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of the World.

Key Players

The Craft Beer Market report includes players such as Anheuser-Busch InBev, Carlsberg Group, Diageo PLC, Heineken N.V., Erdinger Brewery, Lasco Brewery, Oettinger Brewery, Radeberger Brewery, Bell’s Brewery Inc., and BAVARIA N.V.

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