Smart Ticketing Market is Driven by Improved Data Collection and Analysis for Transport Operators

Smart Ticketing is a term used to describe various electronic ticketing systems used by public transport operators. These systems typically involve the use of contactless smart cards, mobile phone apps or other electronic devices to store ticketing information and allow passengers to board buses or trains without the need for paper tickets.

Smart Ticketing systems offer a number of advantages over traditional paper ticketing, including increased efficiency, reduced queues and improved security. They also offer passengers a more convenient way to pay for their journey as they can simply tap their card or phone against a reader when boarding.

In some cases, Smart Ticketing systems can also be used to track passenger journeys and provide real-time information on service disruptions, which can be extremely useful for both passengers and transport operators alike.

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Key Trends

There are a few key trends in Smart Ticketing technology:
-The use of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is becoming more widespread, as it allows for contactless payments and makes the whole process more efficient.
-There is a shift towards using apps instead of physical tickets, as this is more convenient for users and can offer additional features such as journey planning and real-time updates.
-There is also a trend toward open-loop systems, which allow users to use the same ticket on multiple transport operators. This makes it easier for users and encourages them to use public transport more.

Key Drivers

Smart ticketing is a system that allows passengers to use electronic tickets instead of paper tickets when traveling. The electronic ticket can be in the form of a card, mobile phone, or other electronic devices.

There are many benefits of using smart ticketing, including:

– Reduced queues and waiting times at ticket counters

– Reduced ticket fraud and increased passenger satisfaction

– Improved data collection and analysis for transport operators

– Increased revenue for transport operators

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Key Market Players

The smart ticketing market report includes players such as ACT, Atsuke, Cammax, Conduent, Confidex, Corethree, Cubic, Flowbird Group, HID Global, and Hitachi Rail.

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