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Public key infrastructure (PKI) is a system of digital certificates, digital signatures, and cryptographic keys that are used to authenticate and authorize individuals and entities on the Internet. PKI is used to verify that a person or entity is who they claim to be, and to ensure that the data they are sending or receiving is not tampered with.

PKI is based on the concept of asymmetric cryptography, which uses a pair of keys – a public key and a private key – to encrypt and decrypt data. The public key can be shared with anyone, and is used to encrypt data. The private key is kept secret, and is used to decrypt data.

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Key Trends and Drivers

One of the key trends in the PKI market is the move toward cloud-based PKI solutions. Cloud-based PKI solutions offer a number of advantages over traditional on-premises PKI solutions, including lower costs, easier deployment and management, and increased flexibility.

Another key trend in the PKI market is the increasing adoption of elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). ECC is a newer form of public key cryptography that offers better security than traditional RSA cryptography. As more organizations become aware of the benefits of ECC, we expect to see increased adoption of this technology in PKI systems.

Finally, another key trend in the PKI market is the increasing use of biometrics for authentication. Biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or iris scanning, is more secure than traditional password-based authentication. As more organizations seek to increase the security of their PKI systems, we expect to see more adoption of biometric authentication.

Restraints & Challenges

One major challenge is the high cost of PKI implementation and maintenance. PKI requires the use of digital certificates, which must be purchased from a certificate authority (CA). CAs are typically commercial entities that charge for their services. In addition, PKI systems must be carefully managed and monitored to ensure that they remain secure. This can be a significant burden for organizations, particularly small ones.

Another challenge for PKI is that it can be difficult to scale. As the number of users and devices increases, so does the number of digital certificates and keys that must be managed. This can quickly become unmanageable, especially if the PKI system is not designed with scalability in mind.

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Market Segments

The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Market has been segmented into Component, Deployment Mode, and Region. Based on the Component, the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Market is bifurcated into Solutions, Services, and Hardware Module. On the basis of Deployment Mode, the market is bifurcated into Cloud and On-Premises. Region-wise, the market is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World.

Key Players

Some major key players of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Market are Thales (France), Entrust Datacard  (US), DigiCert  (US), ManageEngine  (India), Microsoft  (US), HID Global  (US), Google  (US), AWS  (US), AppViewX  (US), and Venafi  (US).

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