Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) Market Booming Across the Globe by Growth, Segments and Forecast 2031

Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) is a type of infrared radiation with a wavelength between 0.9 and 1.7 micrometers. It is used in a variety of applications including night vision, thermal imaging, and medical imaging.

SWIR is invisible to the human eye but can be detected by special sensors. It is often used for night vision because it can penetrate through fog, smoke, and other atmospheric conditions that block visible light.

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Key Trends

Some key trends in shortwave infrared (SWIR) technology include the development of more sensitive and lower noise detectors, improved imaging systems, and new applications for SWIR technology.

One trend is the development of more sensitive SWIR detectors. In the past, SWIR detectors have been less sensitive than those in the visible and near-infrared region, making them less useful for many applications.

Another trend is the development of improved SWIR imaging systems. In the past, SWIR imaging systems have been relatively bulky and expensive.

Finally, new applications for SWIR technology are constantly being developed. Some of the latest applications include SWIR imaging for medical diagnosis, security and surveillance, and environmental monitoring.

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Key Drivers

The key drivers of the shortwave infrared (SWIR) market are the increasing demand for night vision and thermal imaging applications and the growing adoption of SWIR cameras in the automotive industry.

The night vision and thermal imaging applications are expected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period due to the increasing demand for security and surveillance.

The automotive industry is expected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period due to the increasing demand for driver assistance systems.

Market Segments:

The Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) Market is segmented by scanning type, application, technology, offering and region. By scanning type, the market is segmented into area scan and line scan. Based on application, it is segmented into security & surveillance, monitoring & inspection, and detection. On the basis of technology, it is bifurcated into cooled SWIR technology, uncooled SWIR technology. By offering, it is segmented into hardware, software and services. Region-wise, the market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World.

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Key Market Players:

The Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) Market includes players such as Collins Aerospace, Teledyne FLIR, Xenics, New Imaging Technologies, Allied Vision Technologies, Raptor Photonics, Lynred, Opgal Optronic, Photon and  Himamatsu Photonics.

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