3D Motion Capture Market 2021 Growth, Trends, Leading Players and Business Insights Forecast to 2031 | Xsens, Vicon Motion Systems Ltd., PTI Phoenix Technologies Inc., Qualisys AB

3D motion capture is a technology that tracks the movement of objects in three-dimensional space. It is often used in entertainment, such as in video games and movies, but can also be used for scientific or industrial applications.

Motion capture works by tracking the movement of objects with sensors and then translating that data into a computer-generated model. This allows for realistic and accurate simulations of movement, which is difficult to achieve with traditional animation techniques.

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3D motion capture can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating realistic character animations, tracking human movement for biomechanical analysis, or simulating the movement of objects in a virtual environment.

Key Trends

There are three key trends in 3D motion capture technology:

1. Increased accuracy and realism:

As 3D motion capture technology has become more sophisticated, it has become more accurate and realistic. This is due to advances in sensors, tracking algorithms, and software.

2. Increased affordability:

3D motion capture technology has become more affordable in recent years. This is due to the decreasing cost of sensors and computing power. As a result, 3D motion capture is now within the reach of a wider range of users, including small businesses and individual consumers.

3. Increased accessibility:

3D motion capture technology is now more accessible than ever before. This is due to the increasing availability of online services and mobile apps that allow users to capture and share 3D motion data.

Key Drivers

The key drivers of the 3D motion capture market include the increasing demand for realistic animations in video gaming and movies, the need for accurate data for biomechanical analysis, and the increasing popularity of virtual reality.

The increasing demand for realistic animations in video gaming and movies is one of the key drivers of the 3D motion capture market. The need for accurate data for biomechanical analysis is another key driver of the 3D motion capture market.

The increasing popularity of virtual reality is also driving the market for 3D motion capture.

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Market Segments

The 3D motion capture market is segmented by system, application, and region. By system, the market is classified into optical, and non-optical. Based on application, it is bifurcated into media, entertainment, biomechanical research, and others. Region-wise, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World.

Key Players

The global 3D motion capture market includes players such as Xsens, Vicon Motion Systems Ltd., PTI Phoenix Technologies Inc., Qualisys AB, Motion Analysis, Codamotion, OptiTrack, Noitom Ltd., Tracklab, Ikinema, and others.

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